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Professional COACHING

Each one of our coaches is an expert in creating transformations both physically & mentally. Get to know them!


Hello! We are your Elite Lifestyle Coaches:

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Specializing in Body Recomp, Strength & Muscle Building

My fitness career began 11 years ago when I worked as an in-person trainer while attending the University of Calgary as a kinesiology major and a football player. After my experience as a student athlete, I naturally sought employment at big box gyms and gained valuable expertise working with individuals with wide ranging backgrounds, experience, and overall fitness goals. 


Five years ago I walked away from in-person coaching and moved my business into the online space. Since then, I’ve found I’m able to scale much more efficiently, successfully helping hundreds of people gain confidence through achieving their health and fitness goals. I also possess extensive experience mentoring other in-person trainers, helping them to transform their own businesses into online platforms to create more freedom and flexibility than typically offered by 9 - 5 jobs. (Fun Fact: Mentoring coaches is actually how Kelly and I first connected!)


My goal as your coach is to create a program that gets you from A-B in your fitness goals, while simultaneously building your daily habits and boosting your lifestyle in a way that makes every single day Elite.

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Specializing in Mindset Coaching & Holistic Transformation

I am a fitness-minded, science-loving nerd with a passion for traveling and a drive to help align people with their goals. In 2020 I finished a Master's degree in Epidemiology and Biostatistics, but started building my own fitness business before ever starting a job hunt. My favorite challenge is finding ways to incorporate successful and enjoyable health-based journeys into the busy and hectic schedules of badass young professionals.


I have been what my mom lovingly refers to as a "gym rat" from the time I was 16. Training is my ultimate outlet and has made me the most confident and empowered version of myself. My top priority as a coach is to do everything I can to ensure my clients are constantly fueled by that same surge of confidence and strength.


I believe in progress over perfection, non-restrictive diets (cake pops are my own personal weakness), and that health journeys should always be made with fun and adaptability in mind. I'm so excited to show you all the habits that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing day-to-day life in a way that makes this entire process feel both extremely feasible and addictively exciting.

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